A Private Passion

2014 – 2015 ‘  Mother & Child ‘ Oil & Acrylic On Canvas 26BC425C-F693-4230-9460-5BAD4282A037 The journey of this picture took many twists and turns the canvas started as a experiment in what can happen next in the process of the painting , searching for the new carrying the past into the processs . The painting started as a expressive landscape  with the idea of the ‘ Tempest ‘ in mind

The painting grew and grew but yet it did not have the required honesty that I search for in every picture .  Days become weeks , weeks became months in searching for a composition that worked .

2014 – ‘ The Tempest ‘ ………….2016-12-14 17.32.042014 – 2015 ‘ The Tempest was left to hang in the studios gallery for a while but when I looked at the work it still made me feel vulnerable and disappointed in what I saw . So the painting came back to the studio to be worked on .  After months and months I could not feel or find an image at all . One December morning at 7am  I approached the painting in the studio turned the painting upright closed my eyes and went to work with the brush while my eyes were still closed . An incredible moment happened ‘ the landscape became figures intwined , a moment to savour the painting had now been complete after a years work . The picture became ‘ Mother &. Child (100) Yrs Oil & Acrylic on canvas .

The painter can suffer from typhlosis at times , on this occasion it inspired .

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Sevan Malikyan

Sevan Malikyan is a British Expressive Painter & Educator Of Armenian Ancestry . He is undoubtedly of the highest calibre. Primarily a painter his work possesss a passion and integrity that arises from Sevan's personality and interactions from the world . Although his work is sometimes described as expressionistic, it has roots in Sevans complex history . Sevan Malikyan has a patient & deligent technique and he captures a real infectious enthusiasium in his Art . Sevan has exhibited widely , and his work in collections across europe . He is committed to the calling as a Artist

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